5 Reasons to move to Jacksonville, Florida

Why do so many choose Northeast Florida as their home?

Image from VisitJacksonville.com

Image from VisitJacksonville.com

As a resident and real estate agent in Jacksonville for over three decades, I have had the joy of finding and selling homes for people and families across all areas of Jacksonville. From riverfront to oceanfront, there are so many reasons why I call Jacksonville home, and here are just a few of what makes this city such a special place...

  • "It's easier here"

    The the city's new tagline, and as quoted on VisitJacksonville.com, Jacksonville, known as 'Jax', combines relaxation with adventure, offering visitors an easier vacation. Unlike other major tourist destinations with their overcrowded beaches, long lines, and unbearable traffic, Jacksonville, “Jax” as locals call it, offers visitors an easier vacation; one that’s rich with art and culture, history, exciting outdoor adventures, and thrilling sporting events; but at a slower, more relaxed pace. 

    As Florida’s youngest population – and one of the hippest – Jacksonville is the getaway that leaves you feeling refreshed yet accomplished; while there’s plenty to do, there’s never any rush to get it done.

    Here, you can really experience a different side of Florida, combining both relaxation and adventure, and allowing you to choose just how active you want to be. Enjoy our 22 miles of beaches, extensive park system, world-class fishing, historic neighborhoods, vibrant street arts scene, creative coastal cuisine, delicious craft beer, vibrant nightlife and so much more.

  • Great Year-round Climate

    Winters are mild and summers are the most moderate in the state. Temperatures drop below 32 degrees less than two weeks per year. January is the coldest month, averaging a minimum of 41 degrees and a maximum of 61.8 degrees. July is the hottest, averaging 91.5 as a high and 72.8 as a low.

  • Low Cost of Living

    Jacksonville is the city with the lowest cost of living among Florida’s five major metropolitan areas. With a 98.2 ACCRA Cost of Living rating, Jacksonville’s cost of living index is below the national average.

  • Naval/Military Separation

    The military employs over 50,000 active duty, reserve and civilian personnel in Northeast Florida and has an astonishing $7.8 billion annual economic impact on our community. Each year more than 4,000 workers exit the military and join the Northeast Florida workforce.

  • Recreation, everywhere

    Whether it’s the abundance of cultural offerings, sports or outdoor activities, Northeast Florida provides an oasis of peace and recreation. The beaches, St. Johns River and the many other navigable waterways throughout the six-county region provide an array of opportunity for all who enjoy swimming, fishing, surfing, sailing or other water-related activities. We have football, golf, baseball, tennis and the list goes on. 

    If you're interested in moving to Jacksonville, or just relocating, let's talk!